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Bus Routes

We highly encourage sustainable transporation methods such as bussing.
The Sound Transit Link Light Rail as well as King County Metro routes #50, #60, and #36 are all within walking distance to the Beacon Food Forest Site.

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Driving Directions

We are located in the North Beacon Hill area, less than 5miles south of I-90 and directly east of the West Seattle Bridge.
The Beacon Food Forest site is adjacent to Jefferson Park on 15th AVE S and S. Dakota St in Seattle, WA.

I-5 Southbound

Take exit #163A and keep left toward Columbian Way

I-5 Northbound

Take exit #163, keep right Columbian Way
Once off the exit:
• Stay on Columbian Way, which will merge onto 15th AVE S.
• Turn left onto S. Dakota St
• Past 16th AVE S, there is parking available in the lot adjacent to the park.



15th Avenue South & South Dakota Street
Seattle, WA 98108

Contact Us

Donate Food, Materials, Music, and Tools

Please fill out the form below and include a short description of your donation. We will be in contact with you soon.


Forks up to our friends at InterChange Media for the awesome video!

Music composed by Erica Hilario. Special thanks to Glenn Herlihy one of the co-founders who spent a lot of time helping us create the video. Thanks also to Jacqueline Cramer, Giovanni Dellino, Barbara Jefferson, Margaret Harrison and to everyone involved with the project.

Work parties are family friendly events that involve a diverse community of all ages in a huge variety of tasks at the Beacon Food Forest site.

There is no registration required. Parties generally run between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Please bring work gloves, water, and a $2 to $5 donation for lunch.

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This plant list is under contruction. Not all trees and plants are listed, and information on their pages may be incorrect.

All Plants

Plant Code Location
King Edward VII Apple 1306
Shiro Plum 1333 Plum Guild
Shiro Plum 1327 Kiwi Trellis, South
Melrose Apple 1305 Apple Guild
Pristine Apple 1304 Apple Guild
Methley Plum 1325 Kiwi Trellis, South
Bosc Pear 1323 Pear Guild
Enterprise Apple 1303 Apple Guild
Spalding Pear 1322 Pear Guild
Blake's Pride Pear 1321 Pear Guild
Yonashi Asian Pear 1332 Pear Guild
Chehalis Apple 1302 Apple Guild
4 Way Hybrid Apple 1502 Staging Area (South)
Big-leaved lupin A0001 Plum Guild
Quince (Unknown variety) 1301 Kiwi Trellis, South
Highland Pear 1331 Neighbor Guild
Plum, Italian 1501 Top of Helix
Heart Nut 1318 Nut Guild
Methley Plum 1326 Plum Guild
European Early Plum 1330 Plum Guild
Schoolhouse Plum 1329 Plum Guild
Jubilee Plum 1328 Plum Guild
Heart Nut 1317 Nut Guild
Brown Turkey Fig 1319 Fig Guild
Butternut 1316 Nut Guild
Butternut 1315
Shinseki Pear 1402 Bee Guild
Kingston Black Apple 1401 Neighbor Guild
Dwarf Tsuga Apple 1334 Plum Guild
5-way Hybrid Apple 1503 Staging Area (South)
Pristine/Queen Cox Apple 1307 Bus Stop Guild
Bosc Pear 1335 Pear Guild
Onward Pear 1320 Pear Guild
Aromatnaya Quince 1601 Plum Guild
Frost Peach 1701 Switchback
Frost Peach 1702 Staging Area (South)