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Bus Routes

We highly encourage sustainable transporation methods such as bussing.
The Sound Transit Link Light Rail as well as King County Metro routes #50, #60, and #36 are all within walking distance to the Beacon Food Forest Site.

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Driving Directions

We are located in the North Beacon Hill area, less than 5miles south of I-90 and directly east of the West Seattle Bridge.
The Beacon Food Forest site is adjacent to Jefferson Park on 15th AVE S and S. Dakota St in Seattle, WA.

I-5 Southbound

Take exit #163A and keep left toward Columbian Way

I-5 Northbound

Take exit #163, keep right Columbian Way
Once off the exit:
• Stay on Columbian Way, which will merge onto 15th AVE S.
• Turn left onto S. Dakota St
• Past 16th AVE S, there is parking available in the lot adjacent to the park.



15th Avenue South & South Dakota Street
Seattle, WA 98108

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Donate Food, Materials, Music, and Tools

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Forks up to our friends at InterChange Media for the awesome video!

Music composed by Erica Hilario. Special thanks to Glenn Herlihy one of the co-founders who spent a lot of time helping us create the video. Thanks also to Jacqueline Cramer, Giovanni Dellino, Barbara Jefferson, Margaret Harrison and to everyone involved with the project.

Work parties are family friendly events that involve a diverse community of all ages in a huge variety of tasks at the Beacon Food Forest site.

There is no registration required. Parties generally run between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Please bring work gloves, water, and a $2 to $5 donation for lunch.

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Instructor Criteria

  • Volunteers of the Beacon Food Forest can be:
    • An Instructor who is prepared and knowledgeable in a topic, and has demonstrated knowledge and communication skills to the BFF team through volunteer efforts.
    • A new instructor whose abilities and knowledge are unknown to the Permaculture Educational Collective team, and who is willing to conduct a sample workshop at a BFF work party to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities or submit a detailed class outline.
  • People who have contributed to the permaculture knowledge bank and will contribute to BFF growth and management.

Workshop Topic Criteria

  • permaculture-related topics
  • topics which meet the mission of the BFF

Expectations of Instructor

  • Has knowledge to share and communicates clearly to make information available to workshop participants.
  • Provides for some scholarship and/or sliding scale positions for registrants
  • Coordinates and communicates clearly and in a timely manner with administrator
  • Becomes familiar with / inform themselves about the PEC
  • Coordinates with BFF site development and/or PEC teams as necessary. Accommodates request by BFF and City of Seattle in messaging, marketing
  • Conducts marketing through their own networks, not relying soley on BFF for marketing
  • Provides an outline of intended workshop 4 weeks prior to delivery
  • Prepares and provides content and materials for workshop delivery upon approval of class.
  • Coordinates with PEC to allow a host do welcome, intros, house keeping.
  • Cleans up after class
  • Provides a summary for a feedback loop to PEC team: number of attendees, lessons learned, and Class Evaluation form provided other pertinent info, which the host will return to the PEC team

Workshop proposal


  1. Potential Instructor gets acquainted with PEC procedures and expectations by going to website ( or by attending PEC meetings.
  2. Instructor submits workshop proposal and detailed class outline to the PEC. In providing information on experience and knowledge, reference experience ( for example : “I have led a compost team at several work parties in 2014, 2015…”)
  3. PEC Team reviews proposed workshop and considers:
    1. topic
    2. context of recent workshops in the overall PEC schedule
    3. instructor background. Types of Instructor backgrounds:
      • Instructor with Demonstrated Knowledge:
      • Instructor is prepared and knowledgeable in a topic,
      • has demonstrated that knowledge to the BFF team
      • demonstrates an ability to communicate information
    4. Proposal by an Instructor who has Not Yet Demonstrated Knowledge:
      • Instructor is new to teaching workshops and/or
      • if the BFF team is not familiar with their knowledge and their ability to share that knowledge
      • PEC team reviews proposal and asks the potential instructor to instruct a sample workshop at a BFF work party or detailed class outline.
    5. Proposal by an instructor who is not a BFF volunteer, but is a person who has contributed to the permaculture knowledge bank and will contribute to BFF growth/ management
      • PEC team considers and accepts or declines.
    6. If clarification or more information is needed, the PEC team will communicate with proposed instructor as needed
    7. When accepted, instructor proceeds to communicate with administrator. The PEC Administrator gives directions for listing the workshop and reminds instructor of procedures

Contact with Proposal