About the Recipes

The goal of this blog is to provide ideas for using the produce grown in the Beacon Food Forest, and to inspire people to eat seasonally. Some of the items found in the forest can seem scary or just plain weird to some people who didn’t have things like chard or leeks on their plates growing up. We aim to show you nutritious recipes that any home cook can prepare with ingredients local to the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re foraging through the Beacon Food Forest, trying to make sense of your CSA produce or pillaging your neighborhood market, the recipes posted here will give you ideas for yummy meals to put on your plate.

What is the Beacon Food Forest?

The Beacon Food Forest is a community-driven project with the goal of turning public land into an edible garden that secures local food access, promotes sustainability and provides educational resources. We are located at 15th Avenue S & S Dakota Street in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA, west of Jefferson Park. Volunteers of all ages maintain the forest and do not need any special skills or experience to participate. For more information on getting involved with the Beacon Food Forest or a list of frequently asked questions, visit beaconfoodforest.org.

Why Eat Locally and Seasonally?

By eating produce grown close to home, you can ensure that you get the most “bang for your buck” by consuming foods when they are highest in nutrition and taste, and usually lowest in cost. In addition, foods grown locally reduces the amount of fuel needed to transport produce to your grocery store, and usually helps support smaller farms and farmers. Eating foods that are in season can be a fun challenge for home cooks, and is a great opportunity to add a rotating variety of tastes and nutrients to your diet.

How Can I Submit Recipes?

As a community run organization, we invite you to submit any recipes you love to make to be featured on our blog and Facebook page. We ask that the recipes be unique, vegetarian and use local ingredients (preferably something we are growing or that you harvested in the forest!). If you are adapting a recipe from another source or using someone elses’ photography, please inform of us that source so we may give credit where it is due. Feel free to ask one of our editors to whip up your recipe and take a photo if you do not have access to the necessary equipment. Submissions can be sent to recipes@beaconfoodforest.org and should include your name, a list of ingredients, steps to execute the dish, and (optional) an explanation of what you love about it.

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  1. Hello Lacie,
    My friends and I were at the harvest celebration today and we loooved the food.
    But…we especially loved your salsa, it really blew us away, the flavor was Aaaaamazing, I could have eaten it like a bowl of soup. Can you pretty please share that wonderful salsa recipe here.
    Muchas gracias,

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